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Single accommodation / incl. food / PHP 42’000
Shared room accommodation / incl. food / PHP 35’000
No accommodation / incl. food / PHP 28’000

Price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water, softdrinks and daily transportation within Santa Fe (General Luna) from Langojan Beach Resort to workshop site (5-7 min.) from 5-10 September, 2022.

Check-in; 4 September, 2022 @ 11am
Check-out: 11 September, 2022 @ 12pm

Airport transfer is not included. Let us know if we can assist you. 


We have reached the maximum number of participants and cannot accept any further registrations. Thank you very much for your interest! 

What to expect 

Bamboo belongs to the tropics. It is a miracle material that can solve many construction and design challenges in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, from climate resilience to material sustainability. When we learn how to harness its versatile and ecological qualities, we can build stronger reinforced homes in a better environment.

Hosted by award-nominated bamboo architectural and industrial design firm OCCO Living, we invite you to a 6-day bamboo workshop on Sustainable Building and Design with Bamboo” from 5 - 10 September, 2022 on Siargao Island in the Philippines.

Learn hands-on about the principles of building and designing with the giant grass for sturdy and resilient typhoon shelter homes and innovative structures.

The intensive workshop will tackle specific construction techniques on two workshop projects: an A-Frame Bungalow and an 8-meter Water Tower, built based on bamboo master builder Jörg Stamm’s principles. These techniques are essential in rebuilding homes that can withstand strong winds and earthquakes as the island recovers from the devastation of Typhoon Rai (Odette).

Don’t miss the only chance working with the experts Jorg Stamm  and Munir Vahanvati - their first ever workshop in the Philippines!

Through this workshop, you will learn about:

📍Designing with the giant grass,            bamboo

📍 Reinforcement principles on load         and strength against strong winds       and earthquakes

📍Joinery techniques

📍Traditional bamboo working tools

📍Different treatment methods

📍Planting and harvesting methods

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The Experts

Lukas Zollinger

Workshop Host
Bamboo Architect
Co-founder OCCO Living

Lukas Zollinger is a swiss architect and carpenter whose expertise is in conceptual structures built with the use of engineered bamboo, as well
as engineered bamboo treatment
and production. He has worked with and consulted for various projects in Switzerland and in Asia, notably for Indonesia’s EcoLodge Bukit Lawang in Sumatra, and the Bamboo Bridge at the Orangutan Haven in Sumatra, which  was nominated for the first FIBRA Award on bio-based structures in Paris, France.

Lukas lives and works on Siargao Island, Philippines.

Jörg Stamm

World-Renowned Bamboo Master Builder & Consultant

Jörg Stamm is a bamboo master builder responsible for some of the most innovative bamboo structures around the world. His extensive experience in the industry has led him to being one of the most well known and sought after Bamboo Consultants in the world.

Jörg lives in Columbia and works all over the world.

Munir Vahanvati

Bamboo Designer
Co-founder Giant Grass
World Bamboo Ambassador

Munir Vahanvati is a designer with a keen interest in sustainability and good design. He is the Co-founder and Design Director of the Melbourne based design + build studio Giant Grass. He is passionate about natural materials and empowering communities through hands-on learning.  

He is co-author of the book ‘Co-building with Bamboo’ and has presented at a range of international conferences in Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. Currently, he is the World Bamboo Ambassador for the World Bamboo Organisation and former vice president of Bamboo Society of Australia.

Munir lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. 

The workshop projects

Extend your Siargao trip &
enjoy the islands beauty  - September is surf season!