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OCCO Living's awarded architectural practice and consultancy work specialize in conceptual bamboo construction and production, headed by swiss architect Lukas Zollinger. We believe in bamboo as a miracle material that can solve many of the world’s construction and design challenges. Lukas’ engineered bamboo projects in Asia have received international recognition such as the load-bearing Bamboo Bridge in Sumatra, the longest bamboo bridge in the region at 30 metres. Our firm’s next project is to have our own bamboo treatment facility and production for clients who are looking to employ bamboo in their eco-friendly and sustainable construction projects.

We believe and consistently follow a holistic approach to building through ethically sourced materials and processes such as sustainable bamboo harvesting. OCCO Living frequently collaborates with Filipino craftsmen, conducting exchange workshops on modern techniques and indigenous knowledge to come up with environmentally sound solutions that respond to the call of living on the island, within the region, and all over the world.
Our design and construction solutions begin with the humble materials from its surroundings.  While our architecture firm’s expertise is in bamboo, OCCO Living’s design lab has experience working with elements such as coconut, marble and various local natural fibres.

Innovation, craftsmanship, and development are at the core of our firm, where we constantly find new ways to create structures and products that create a lasting positive impact in our communities. We have worked with various clients around Asia and Europe such as luxury resorts, private clients, NGOs and government agencies.

At OCCO Living, we never stop exploring the borders of possibilities through progressive design.

The Maker


Founded in 2017, OCCO Living is headed by husband-and-wife duo Lukas Zollinger and Sandra Gili Zollinger, who moved from their home country of Switzerland to settle down and build their practice in the island of Siargao, Philippines.

Lukas Zollinger is an swiss architect and carpenter whose expertise is in conceptual structures built with the use of engineered bamboo, as well as engineered bamboo treatment and production. He has worked with and consulted for various projects in Switzerland and in Asia, notably for Indonesia’s EcoLodge Bukit Lawang in Sumatra, and the Bamboo Bridge at the Orangutan Haven in Sumatra, which  is nominated for the first FIBRA Award on bio-based structures in Paris, France.

In their home of Siargao and the region of Surigao del Norte, Lukas consistently trains and collaborates with local craftsmen to merge traditional craftsmanship and sustainable, innovative techniques through bamboo workshops.
With his project management skills and years of experience from several construction sites, he combines his technical wood knowledge into his bamboo projects.

Sandra Gili Zollinger is a Swiss-Filipina who left a successful career in finance in Switzerland to pursue her goal to work as an independent creative. Sandra graduated from an Interior Design program in Switzerland and the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London. She has traveled around the Philippines and Asia to source natural materials such as marble, pearls, coconut and silk and how to integrate them in sustainable design.

As head of OCCO Living’s Design Lab, her products feature the interplay of elements from nature and craftsmanship to create eco-friendly pieces that exude practical luxury. Sandra constantly collaborates and supports different artisan communities around the Philippines.

Siargao Island


Surigao del Norte